1. What is the basis for calculation of the price for transportation of express shipments to CR, HU, AT, and DE?

For express shipments to CR, HU, AT, and DE, the price is calculated from the total weight of the shipment. If the shipment consists of several parcels (sent to one addressee), the price is calculated according to the aggregate weight of all parcels.

2. What is the maximum permitted size and weight of one parcel in the shipment?

The maximum permitted length of one parcel (piece) in the shipment is 200 cm, the sum of the girth and length combined must not exceed 300 cm.

The maximum weight of one parcel (piece) in the shipment is 50 kg.

3. How are the shipments insured?

3.0 - All express shipments to CR, HU, AT, and DE are automatically insured up to the amount of EUR 1,327.757 (SKK 40,000). The amount of the requested insurance must be defined in the delivery slip, in the box "value of the articles for insurance".

3.1 - The shipments sent as air or road cargo are insured according to the applicable CMR agreement, they may be insured for higher amount for additional charge, the amount of the additional charge depends on the type of the shipped articles (normally it is between 4 to 6 pro mille of the total value of the articles).

4. Where and under what conditions is the cash on delivery service available?

The cash on delivery service to foreign countries is available for the Czech Republic and Hungary. Our customer may use the cash on delivery service only if he has signed with EXPRESS ONE SLOVAKIA, s. r. o. a valid service agreement, and should use the EXPRESS ONE SHIP application.

The C.O.D. amount will always be given by the customer in the lawful Slovak currency (in SKK, and from 1.1. 2009 in EUR)

The fee for the cash on delivery service is in the rate of 2% of the value of the C.O.D. amount, however, minimum EUR 3.319 (SKK 100).

The maximum value of a C.O.D. parcel to a foreign country is EUR 3,319.391 (SKK 100,000).

(The applied conversion rate quoted by the National Bank of Slovakia is EUR 1.00 = SKK 30.1260)

5. What are the times of delivery?

The individual times of delivery applicable for express shipments are:

Czech Republic - within two business days

Hungary - within two business days

Austria - within two business days

Germany - within three business days

The times of delivery are not guaranteed and do not include the date of pickup of the parcel.

6. In what currency is the C.O.D. amount entered and how is it converted to the local currencies?

The C.O.D. amount is always entered in the lawful Slovak currency (until 31.12. 2008 in SKK, and from 1.1.2009 in EUR).

The amount is converted according to the applicable exchange rate quoted by the National Bank of Slovakia on the date when the shipment leaves the Slovak Republic.

Upon collection in the given country, the amount is remitted to the customer´s account no later than within five business days following collection thereof, in the lawful Slovak currency (until 31.12. 2008 in SKK, and from 1.1.2009 in EUR) and in the amount given by the customer.

7. How can I create the shipment?

I. In order to create your shipment and the required documentation thereto, you may apply the following methods:

Placing an order by phone or e-mail – at the phone number 02/16 160 or by e-mail to the address info@expressone.sk. The order must contain the sender´s name (ideally, the customer´s number), the address for delivery, the number of parcels, the approximate weight, the value for insurance, and the receiver´s contact person. In the event of the optional cash on delivery service, also the C.O.D. value in the lawful Slovak currency (until 31.12. 2008 in SKK, and from 1.1.2009 in EUR).

II. Your own pre-printed labels – please request your own pre-printed labels. The pre-printed address label contains the details on the sender. The fields applicable for the receiver are blank. The blank field will be completed by giving the details on the receiver, the weight, and the number of parcels. After completing the address labels, please complete the delivery slip in two copies. In case of the optional cash on delivery service, the C.O.D. value in the lawful Slovak currency (until 31.12. 2008 in SKK, and from 1.1.2009 in EUR) is given by the customer in the relevant field of the delivery slip.

III. By applying the Express One SHIP. This free program for easy creation of your shipments may be loaded free at www.patris.sk/ship. The application already includes the details on the sender, and each new receiver is saved in the list of addressees, it automatically creates the address labels and the required documentation, allows collective Imports of addresses or shipments from the files, provides tools for re-check of shipments, creates reports, and provides many other benefits.

8. How are the shipments picked up?

The pickup of shipments is ordered always at the phone number 02/16160 or the e-mail address info@expressone.sk. The shipments are picked up on the next business day following the order by the couriers of our affiliate Slovak Parcel Service, s. r. o..

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