Pursuant to the Law No. 25/2007 Coll. and the Act No. 388/2009 Coll., a new toll system for the selected road infrastructure is applicable in Slovakia since 1st January 2010. The road infrastructure subject to the toll includes specific sections of A-class roads, roads for motor vehicles, and highways, the use of which will be subject to payment of charges based on electronic data. The change will apply to any vehicles with total weight above 3.5 tons or trailers with the same weight, that are determined for transport of goods or more than nine persons including the driver. The rate is given per 1 km of driven distance.

Implementation of the new toll rates will be reflected in the increased costs incurred by carrier companies, which had to modify their prices for services and products. Due to that reason, IN TIME s.r.o. charges the toll surcharge for express export shipments. The toll surcharge applies from 1.1.2010 in the amount of € 0.02 per each incomplete kilogram of the weight of the parcel.




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